Horse Retirement and Long Term Boarding

We are offering retirement (for the life of your horse) and long term boarding at an affordable rate.

We currently have 40 acres of pasture land, divided into turnouts. Your horse will spend the majority of it's time turned out in one of our pastures.

All horses get a 12x16 stall with a 12x12 run. We bring horses in for grain and supplements as well as inclement weather.

Stalls are equipped with heat lights and electricity for heated water buckets.

Board includes all the hay your horse can eat. We feed a grass mix as well as an Orchard/ Alflafla mix when the weather gets colder. We also include 1lb of senior feed a day...more can be fed for the cost of the feed. We clean stalls twice daily, blanket, flymask and hold for the farrier or vet at no extra charge.

We group horses together in turnouts so they have buddies to hang out with. Selection of buddies is carefully chosen to avoid and prevent any injuries.

Full board $250