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We breed, raise, and train quality Quarter Horses. Our horses go back to GENUINE DOC, PEPTOBOONSMAL, TOPSAIL WHIZ, NU CHEX TO CASH, SWEET SANDY TIVIO, DOC BARPOCO BUENO, LITTLE STEEL DUST and others. They are bred for their versatility, conformation, disposition, and color.

Here at KG HORSE RANCH we enjoy training, riding, and teaching our foundation bred Quarter Horses. They are not just backyard pets, we try to give our horses a job they enjoy. Sitting around "doing nothing" is just not how a horse was meant to be, and here at KG HORSE RANCH that is the last thing they do. From PRCA, including Barrels and Poles, Gymkhana, Penning, Halter, Trail, & Extreme Cowboy Challenges these horses are bred to do it all.

I believe that a well broke horse can do anything. You don't need to have a different horse for every discipline. Why can't a barrel horse go walk down the trail or swim at the beach? Or compete in halter or chase a steer? The horses we have here excel in many different areas and keep level heads while doing different jobs.

We typically breed for color, Grullo, Buckskin, Palomino, Dun, Dunskin, Roan. However as the saying goes, a great horse is NEVER a bad color! Disposition and conformation are ranked higher here as well as athletic ability. These horses can literally turn on a dime!

We sell our horses to family homes who are going to use them as they were intended. Give them the quality care and attention they deserve and enjoy them for years to come. We put a "buy back" option in our bill of sale, if for some reason you are no longer satisfied or cannot keep the horse we sold you, we will make every effort to buy it back.

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